Friday, September 4, 2015

time capsule 46

46 years ago, I started this adventure.

36 years ago, I lived in Alaska and read books like crazy and dreamed of all that was possible in the world.

26 years ago I worked on finishing college and starting life.  Dreaming of world travel, adventures & all the roads ahead.

16 years ago, I worked hard and traveled and enjoyed.  Ever grateful for the friends and family around me, but dreaming of finding my one special person to share this life.

 6 years ago, my world contracted down to all that was most important... three people and one black dog.  Content, learning to navigate calm in the sea of chaos and find the beauty in every day things.

This is 46.
One more little person joined our circus.
I pack lunches, drop off, pick up, repeat.
I have more wrinkles, new glasses and little pains that don't quite go away.
Facing the challenge of learning how to carve out my own space & time from within the center of my ever-spinning world.
Discovering that the more ordinary my life becomes, the more interesting things get.
Counting every blessing... and dreaming of what adventures await my children in the big wide world.


Honey said...

I love all of this and all of you! What a beautiful life you have built my friend and still so much magic awaits. Happy day o" Katie XO

Dawna said...

I love the dreamy look in your eyes in every photo! Love you my dear, dear friend!

The Suttons East said...

Enjoyed this. We love you!

Jenna said...

My heart melts - a beautiful photo essay!!