Thursday, January 30, 2014

remy being six

Dear Remy,

Today you are six.
I remember six.  It felt so grown up and important.  
You, my dear, are an amazing, caring, stubborn, smart, all-around incredible person.  

Watching you grow & stretch & change is one of my most favorite adventures.  I feel so lucky to be here to guide you along your path.  To push you to try new things & to have hugs ready when you need to retreat.

You know your own mind... a mind that is filled with such amazing questions and dreams.  I love the questions you ask.  "If grown-ups start as babies, and babies come from gown-ups, when was it all just babies?"  Or, one of my favorites, "Is love stronger than death?"  Your brain rocks.

I love seeing you & your brothers develop your own relationships.  You are an awesome brother.  I know it isn't always easy being in the middle... I hope you know how important the middle really is.    

I love being able to help you try new things.  And to cheer you on to meet the goals you set.  You were so determined to ride on that chair lift this year... and felt so very proud when you got to do just that.  Your greatest wish with skiing is to be old enough to use poles.

I love our movie-dates and garage sale time together.  You are good company.

I love your silly side and the sound of your laugh when it is deep down & in your belly.  I  know sometimes I forget & get too serious with all that goes on in our house, but I promise to make sure we have as much silly times as possible.  

I love seeing how your relationship with Quinn has evolved.  And that even though I try to talk with you about Down syndrome, all you see is your brother.  You two fight like puppies, but there is such fierce love there too.  Knowing you will be with him after I am gone eases my worry a little bit.

I love that you share a birth-date with my Grandpa.  He sure would have loved knowing you.  When you asked for carrot cake this year, I pulled out the card with his recipe, written in his handwriting.  Making it for you feels like passing along love from him.

I love that you are still little enough to want snuggles at bedtime.  And write notes to fairies.  And believe in magic and the possibility of it happening every day.  You fill my heart.

Happy 6th birthday my big grown-up boy! 
I am so lucky to be your Mama.

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