Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two is BIG

To Soren on his 2nd Birthday,

You, my dear, are a force to be reckoned with.

In your two short years, you have grown faster & stronger & surer than any of my babies before you.

You are the piece that completes our family... the one makes us whole.

Your quest for independence astounds me with its ferocity.

You don't want hands to hold, or to have anything done FOR you.

You've got your own way of doing things.

Sometimes I miss the weight of baby-you, sleepy & sated after a feeding.

You are so very busy stretching, growing... testing limits and finding your place.


You learn so very quickly, taking in new things with an appetite for adventure that makes me nervous for your future years.

I struggle to make those special moments just the two of us.  As the third child you often get dragged along in your brothers' wake.


I promise to help you explore your own path too.

 But now you are two... you love your big brothers, your dog and stealing whatever toys any of them might currently have.  You love the itsy-bitsy spider song and move your fingers so carefully making your spider crawl up that spout.  You love bananas and crackers and have a wicked sweet tooth just like me.  More than anything else you love to dance to Daddy's loud music.  Swinging your body round and round and round again... until you wobble and fall in a heap of giggles.  I love dancing with you.

Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet Soren!
I love you so very much.

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KWQR said...

As a third child and last born, I relate to you my Son Soren, I promise to remember what it was like an give you insight and support that only the third of three could understand. Happy Birth boy, I love you so.