Sunday, September 1, 2013

And Still We Rise

Last night I stumbled upon a blog entry on Rants From Mommyland that has become a lifeline of sorts.  In a letter to her younger sister, who is going to become a mother far earlier than planned, she uses the phrase "And still we rise" to sum up motherhood...

“And still we rise.” 
To me, that’s motherhood in four words. No matter what happens to you, you will rise to it.  We do, mostly because we want to...but also because we have to. Sickness, sleep deprivation, divorce, puking, pain, disappointment, betrayal, exhaustion, anger, all of it. Things that, right now, would send you to bed for a week. Or storming out of the house. Or running away as fast as you could run. But you can’t run from these things if you want to be a mom. 

Oh yes.

Solo parenting 3 boys + 8 days = 1 crispy Mama.

Last night the littlest woke up screaming in the middle of the night.  And proceeded to scream for three hours.  Three middle-of-the-night hours that should be used for sleeping.  Diaper change, warm milk, walking, rocking, snuggling, singing, screaming back (yes, not my best moment), tylenol, crying with him... nothing worked.  Until it did.  Eventually he just tired himself out.  Probably gas.  Because, of course.

Oldest little decided that six AM is a very good time to wake up... not just regular wake up, but worked up from a nightmare about being chased on a hill by monsters, kind of wake up.  Because, of course.

And Still We Rise

Literally, figuratively, emotionally... we Rise.  We assuage fears of chasing monsters.  We wait out fits and unexplained freak-outs.  We brave storms.  We rise to occasions, to illness, to storms of shit (both literal & figurative).  We rise to bullies, coaches, teachers and schools who don't want to deal with our kids.  We rise to breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And then we do it again.

We rise to scale dish & laundry mountains that we would rather just ignore forever.  To early mornings, late nights and phone calls from school in the middle of a busy work day.  We rise to face all that needs facing.

And when we are very lucky, and can pry our eyes open long enough to see, there are the moments that let us know that all of this Rising matters.  That it means something bigger than ourselves is happening.  Watching brothers be kind, walking hand-in-hand, playing together in the last rays of summer.  Having a little one tell you that his heart feels warm & tingly when he snuggles with you.  Sometimes the Rising is more of a "And We Are Lifted" kind of thing.

And then they start fighting over couch cushions and what TV show to watch and who breathes the best.

And Still We Rise

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hlg said...

And we continue to rise throughout their lives. We sleep with the cell phone by our head, so we can be there if they should needs us or there is an emergency 200 miles away. We sit up talking to our heartbroken daughters or sons at 3 AM, just because they need someone to talk to. We search for directions or hotels on computers while our child is driving cross country and is lost or exhausted. The reality is once you make the choice to be a mom you will always rise to meet the needs of your beloved children.