Wednesday, August 21, 2013

first days

The house is strangely quiet after so many weeks of summer chaos.  I am a bit giddy with possibilities... should I be responsible & tackle the laundry/cleaning/list of projects that never ends?  Or be decadent and lay on the couch with the latest People magazine?  Downright giddy, I tell you.

first day of 2nd & Kindergarten

little brother photo bomber

The morning went pretty smoothly even with the unexpected sound of Remy's asthma cough as my alarm clock.  His sharp seal bark bringing me out of a very happy dream.  Poor little guy had to start his first day of school hopped up on asthma meds.  He was a bit nervous & uncharacteristically quiet as we made our way to his class.  His teacher is wonderful... just the right mix of kindness & business.  We started the day with an art project & the story "The Kissing Hand" about a young raccoon on his first night of school.  I managed to keep my tears at bay until the moment I stepped out of the classroom... waterworks at milestone events are my specialty it seems.  Remy will be just fine at school... can't wait until pickup to hear all of the stories & who his "new best friends" will be.

Quinn has this school thing down.  Yesterday we went to visit his classroom & meet his teacher.  He was ready to get started & didn't want to leave.  I was able to pry him away with the promise of ice-cream & that if we came back the next day, all of his friends would be there too.  He has a different aide this year.  I am a bit nervous about that... but trying to remember that the goal is to eventually have him be as independent as possible.

William went with Quinn to his class this morning while I stayed with Remy.  He said he did great... following the routine of backpacks, finding his desk and reuniting with friends.  He tends to have a honeymoon period at the beginning of the year, each thing new & novel, until... it's not.  We are so proud of him and excited for his adventures in second grade.

Soren seemed to sense the excitement this morning... doing his best to be a part of the hustle & bustle.  He will be going to daycare three mornings a week so I can work.  (We are diving in to our latest business venture, The Dharma Door, importing Fair Trade housewares with our partners in Australia... more on that coming soon!)  I know he will miss his brothers but I am looking forward to one-on-one time with him too.

Have been thinking a lot lately about how fleeting this time with the boys really is... even in the midst of too much togetherness during the summer... I tried to remember that things will not always be as they are now.  If I do my job right, they will all three be making their ways out into the world.  Independent.  Strong.  Kind.  A day of happy firsts.