Friday, June 1, 2012

Pirates & Superheros

This morning Soren reached his arms up to me from his exer-saucer, letting me know he was ready for something else.  No tears, no crying, just a look & arms up.  Although we have been getting smiles & laughs & coos for months now, it is this kind of communication milestone that hits me in the gut.  My baby will not always be a baby... and I am overcome with the need to hoard these little bitty moments like water before a drought.

Soren gets his jump on

collage experiment from my iphone

The past few weeks have been a wild mix of sick (strep throat for me & Remy), lots of antique shows, home construction & general end-of-school year chaos.  Riding that wave of have-to's, shoulds & why-the-hell nots with late bedtimes & special ice-cream treats just because it's almost summer.  

Hanging with big brother
Little stinker decided to roll from his back to his belly... it's only a matter of time before self-propelled motion begins.
Recently the boys decided to make their summer fun list... a place to put down all of the things we hope to do over the next few months.  As I wrote each entry, impressed with their focus & imaginations, I choked up a little thinking how fleeting this time is.  Soon enough their lists will contain "hang out with friends" and have little to do with me.  Holding tight to these moments.

We made the decision to move Quinn along to first grade next year instead of repeating Kindergarten.  There were many reasons to hold him back, many reasons to move him forward, so we went with our gut instinct of forward motion.  The other kids in his grade have been so amazing with him.  Invitations to birthday parties, big hellos & good-byes at drop-offs & pick-ups and enthusiastic hugs when we run into someone in town. 

This little school has embraced our boy & we are so very proud of him as he finishes up Kindergarten.  Our first baby will be turning SIX in just twelve short days.  Who knew, on that day he was born, that what seemed like the end of the world was really the beginning of everything.  His biggest strength right now is reading.  He  loves his books & can now read to us from a few of his early readers.  Biscuit is a favorite, as is anything with Curious George.  Speech is still a challenge, but not for his lack of trying.  He knows exactly what he wants to say, it is us who lags behind in comprehension.  The word this summer will be clarity.

Pirates and Superheros

In between sick & the daily juggle, William & I managed to enjoy a nice dinner out with our little chaperone.  Soren's easy nature makes him an ideal dining companion... several people at the restaurant didn't even notice there was a baby there.  (A stark contrast to the attention we usually get with the other two boys out on the town!)  It is hard sometimes to find those quiet moments to connect, but so very necessary to have a few moments of uninterrupted conversation & remembering of why we chose each other in the first place.

At Grace's Table in Napa... yum!

William's booth at the Healdsburg fair last weekend

Remy doesn't want school to end next week...

Soren eats his first cereal

On the job front, I am getting ready to have my first interview in more than 15 years.  Even when I was still working in production, I rarely had to have an actual interview since most of my jobs were with the same people, or I was hired on reputation & recommendation alone.  Am feeling nervous, excited and unsure of myself.  A fleeting bridge between my old life & new.  Trying to remember how to talk in a linear way, with no sticky-handed I need you Mommy interruptions, with actual grown-ups listening to what I have to say.  And of course there is the issue of pants.  My current job does not require "real" pants as the capri or yoga variety paired with a clean t-shirt usually counts as "getting dressed".  Thankful for credit cards and stores that stay open late.

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larajanepark said...

Love your updates Katie! Good luck on the interview and I hope your W is feeling better (in the back!). Will be thinking of you. Your boys are beautiful and you have made such a lovely family....
xoxox Lara & Wayne