Friday, June 29, 2012

Pajama time

One of the barometers of how things are going in our household is the state of the kid's pajama drawer.  If the drawer is stocked with clean, folded, matching pj's, you can bet that things are looking good in the rest of the house as well.  ( For the record our usual state is not folded, non-matching, maybe in the drawer, but more likely in the basket mountain of laundry-to-be-folded, but hey, they're pajamas alright.)  So far William has been gone a total of six days, with thirteen left to go... (but who's counting?!)... and overall things have been going pretty well.  I have managed to wrangle monkeys, make it on time to appointments and keep everyone relatively happy.  But the pajamas?  Not so much.  T-shirts & shorts or whatever comfy-strechy-type article is on the top of the pile works just fine too.  Each night seems to wrap up in a frenzy of me scrambling to get dinner of some sort (pancakes anyone?), feed a baby, bathe everyone & attempt to keep the energy level calm without losing my grip on sanity.  There is a reason it works best if there are two parents... it's because raising kids is such hard work.  I certainly can do it all myself, but it is so much better with a partner in crime to laugh at the funny stuff, commiserate on the hard stuff & to give those much needed little breaks to recharge & come back ready to give these kids my best mommy self. 

Only a few days left until we head out to camp Grandma... but, again, who's counting?!?

Waiting for brother to come home from summer school... loving those cowboy boots... thank you Aunt Barb!

Morning pajama walk... hey they have matching tops & bottoms... must have been early in the week.  :-)

Soren is finding his voice

Another suckwad watermelon junkie in the family

Carrots taste better with fingers

No blankety borders can hold Mr. Rollie Pollie

Daddy's sendoff from Captian America/Pirate & Quinn

Someone loves a morning bath

Remy builds cities

Q home from summer school

Ice-cream makes any afternoon a good one

Must go find my own pajamas now... am staying up way too late each night enjoying the only peace & quiet I seem to be able to find.
Bonne nuit Poppa! 

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