Wednesday, September 21, 2011

one hour sugar rush & ten things I love

Am stuck in the lab this morning... it is 1-hour glucose timed test day.  Yuck.  For anyone who has not had to experience this... you guzzle, college-beer-chug-style, the most sickly sweet drink in 5 seconds flat while a lab tech watches to be sure you consume every last drop.  Then you wait, in the lab under supervision, for one hour.  Then they draw your blood to see if your body is doing what it should to process the sugar.  With my two previous pregnancies I remembered the gross drink & the waiting, but totally forgot about the under supervision part.  My plans to sit in the sun surfing the net catching up on favorite blogs & editing a photo book thwarted... here I stay held captive in the basement with no wi-fi... what a drag.

So... it is the perfect time to think about 10 things I am loving right now:

~ My new ipad - best birthday present EVER.  Thanks babe!

~ This song by The Head and the Heart.  It has been a long while since I've fallen immediately in love with a song... but this one totally hooked me.

~ The amazing support our Down syndrome group has received for the Buddy Walk this year.  We surpassed our family goal of $500 and have so far raised $781!  A huge thank you to all who have donated already... your generosity & support mean so much to us.  There is still time to donate to Team Quinn... if you have a few bucks to spare... even $5 or $10... every little bit helps!  Click here to go directly to his fundraising page.

~ The way Remy snoozes every morning... we were beginning to think that maybe he was switched at birth due to his extreme dislike of chocolate.  But the snoozer gene is definitely ours.
First day back at pre-school

Quite the opposite of his brother... this one actually asks to go get his haircut.  He loves the attention & pampering.

Or perhaps it is more that he loves the lollipop at the end?!?

~ Making myself a priority by finding ways to fit exercise in on a regular basis.

~ Feeling this little guy inside me moving more & more.  I get nervous when he is quiet.  (Then I get nervous when he is moving "too much"!)  My mind so easily wanders to all of the things that can still go wrong.  He has started responding when I sing or rub my belly... his little kicks, pokes & rolls are so reassuring.  Our own secret messages that all is well & starting to get a bit crowded in there.  We are getting excited about actually meeting this new little person....getting closer every day.

~ Gathering pictures & ideas for the boys new room.  We are clearing out the back corner of the warehouse - a storage area for the past 10+ years - to make a larger room for the monkeys.  Littlest brother will take over the nursery.  Am looking forward to having more living space... much to husband's annoyance with giving up storage.  This is one of the many times that being an antique dealer & treasure collector comes in handy.  Aside from construction & paint, we have everything we need to make a sweet room for our guys.  A few sources of inspiration...

I really don't want bunk beds... but thought this was a really cool use of space.

Am in love with these colorful shelves & the bed set up.

Will definitely find a way to use blackboard paint somewhere.

Our stuffed animal rescue society is a bit like this one.

One of my all-time favorite songs... am thinking of getting a print of this... so sweet.

~ Quinn's passion for books & reading.  We had a special date last week & went to get his very own library card.  He loves to pick out his own books & use the machine to check them out himself.... beaming with pride as he carries his newfound treasures to the car.

~ Watching my boys be kind to each other.  They still fight like little puppies with one bone a lot of the time, but they can also crack each other up like no one else.  I love bearing witness to their deepening bond... it feels like such a gift.  Their imaginary games are lasing longer & becoming more detailed.  When I rounded the corner to check on them a few days ago I found this...

~ How very grateful I feel to have such a supportive, loving, nutty husband... a man who is not afraid of feelings or talking about them.  We are both far from perfect... but together we fit.  Each bringing our own strengths, foibles & perspectives to build the foundation of our little family.
Remy on his way to pre-school... lovin' riding in Daddy's "racecar".

Five minutes to go... turns out an hour flies by when you are thinking about all of the things you love!

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branditrench said...

Wiping away the tears. So sweet! Loving your dream is as important as livin' it. Thanks for the reminder!