Sunday, September 4, 2011

48 hours & 42 candles

Am nearly giddy with freedom as the boys head off on their own adventures and I am left with the house to myself for 48 hours.  Alone, save for one clingy black dog & an expanding belly containing a future break-dancer.  Have suddenly acquired severe ADD and can't seem to decide what to do first.  I want to clean the entire house and organize everything we own. And make bagels.  And work on the photo books that I have been meaning to do the past few months (okay, years!)  And watch movies & read books.  And... lay down for a nap because all of that is really way too much to fit into 48 precious hours.

Thank you Honey for the amazing cupcakes... and for my birthday dinner!

Woke up to find a 42-year old staring back at me in the mirror.  How the heck did that happen?  I swear just a few years ago I was 17 and ready to head out into the world.  Or was it a couple of months ago when I was 24 & I started my first "real" job?  Or a few days ago when I was 32 and met the love of my life?  Because I am quite certain that just yesterday I was only 41.

I make it a point in my life to never wish away time.  Even in the dentist chair or during something not-so-pleasant... I truly believe that each second we have is that precious.  Too precious to waste or wish sped-up or passed through.  But the urge to freeze time? To stop it and hold it in my hands/head/heart for just a little bit longer... now that comes over me on an almost daily basis.  Those times when you wish you could push the cosmic hold button & savor sweetness for one more moment.  But all we can do is breathe deeply & tell ourselves "remember this. This is good."

Driving to pick up the boys I am refreshed & excited.  As I pull into the driveway I have that butterfly-stomach-kind of excited that I will soon see my littles.  It always amazes me the way I can miss them so terribly while still thoroughly enjoying my time away.  That the two conflicting emotions are so comfortably fused inside a mother's heart.  There is no sweeter reunion than the excited hugs & enthusiastic greetings of two little boys who have been out on their own adventures.  Adventures to magic places called the Funky Monkey and the big park and the back-yard.

Quinn has always loved his books... right now he is totally into all things Curious George.

Ever his father's son... Remy decided to take his bike apart so he could "fix" it.

Thank you Grandmas for making my annual break possible!


larajanepark said...

Happy Birthday Katie! You are so right. This is the good stuff. You have been very blessed. The best gift of all is the family we build for ourselves. *glad you got precious alone hours to enjoy for your birthday*

Ann said...

Happy Birthday! I'm a fellow member of the 42 club. 48 hours alone?! Heaven!