Friday, August 12, 2011

There will be more Mama...

I woke this morning & the air feels prickly & still... the residual of a just-before-bedtime argument with the husband.  The kind of minor squabble that arises out of nowhere and acts as some kind of release valve, allowing steam to escape... the inevitable build-up from living & working so closely.  In the morning light it is hard to remember what was so important, leaving just the sense of something slightly unpleasant.  The way the details of a dream fall away as you wake from sleep, but the vague feeling of it remains.

I think I have sat down to write at least a dozen times in the past few weeks... always something pulling me away that needs my attention more.  Or I end up with a mish-mash of mid-pregnancy brain dump that doesn't make sense, even to me.  It really is true that I tend to get mommy mushy brain from the extra hormones... my attention span even shorter than the 3-year old of the house. 

Lately our days have been a busy mix of late-summer fun & preparing for the beginning of school.  Quinn has endured a full round of annual visits to the many specialists who monitor his progress.  We received a clean bill of health from the pediatrician, new glasses from the eye doctor (lighter prescription), a passing grade from the audiologist and great news from the immunologist that while his memory B cells are a bit lower than normal, his immune system is functioning just fine.  Last stop is at the ear, nose, throat doc next week.  Am realizing now that I really should have gone to medical school to keep up with it all... or at the very least paid better attention in science class.

As kindergarten start date approaches, we are equal parts excited and apprehensive... bracing for any conflicts or issues from the choice of full inclusion for Quinn.  He is ready, so ready, to be back in the structure and bustle of a school day.  New backpack, bigger size clothes, practicing his teacher's name... yes, counting down the days.

Remy moved up a level at his swimming class this week.  Got a ribbon & everything.  He thinks this means he should be going to kindergarten as well, that 3-1/2 is plenty old enough.  His preschool doesn't start until September and I am looking forward to having special time with him alone before he goes back.  He cracks me up these days with his attempts to make the world bend to his will.  At the end of his favorite video, or a particularly good snack, he likes to announce "There WILL be more Mama."   Or tell tall tales like "A moose drank all of my milk, I need more for me now."    His exuberance both thrills & exhausts me.  I know that someday soon his quick-thinking, devilish nature & incredible memory will unite & be used against me to get what he wants... my sleep-deprived brain unable to keep up.  But for the moment, his sweetness & silly sense of humor balance out any attempts at world-domination.

We enjoyed a wonderful week with Grandma & Grandpa awhile back.  Their visit was a perfect balance of adventure & getting projects tackled.  Among other things, we went out for the requisite cioppino, saw the animals at the zoo, installed a new dryer vent, picnicked at the beach & photographed the new load of club chairs.  We sure wish we lived closer to all of our family... but are grateful we are able to get together as often as we do.

Attempts at a decent group shot thwarted by cranky 3 year old.

Same cranky kid trying soooo hard not to smile.

Crankies be-gone!

Enjoying these last days of freedom... gearing up to start the next chapter.


Sandy said...

I was looking in my purse and found the kwqr blog. I didn't remember what it was. What a nice surprise to find you and your family William. Beautiful photos!

branditrench said...

Tears of happiness. I love you guys.