Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweet spot & random bits

I felt the baby move today... like really move... not just one of those little flutters where you wonder if it was the baby, or maybe just something you ate.  Am finally over the all-day sickness of the first trimester and find myself relaxing into the sweet spot of the second.  That magic time when you can actually enjoy food again, but are not yet bigger than the couch.  Even though I am nearly halfway through this pregnancy, I still can not believe there is another person growing in there.  One that we have dreamed of... one that we have been waiting for... one that we are struggling to wrap our minds around how we will be able to manage.  The further along I get, the more I let my mind wander to future days with three little boys, three teenage boys, three grown men.  This addition to our family defies all logic... financial, spacial, physical... and yet it feels so very right.  That seems to apply to most things about parenting... when you actually start to inventory the skills needed, to really think about the job description, it is a wonder that any of us make the leap.


If you have ever been to our house for dinner, chances are you've experienced our "Taco Night."  This tradition has become famous around the world since we make our own tortillas.  Sounds difficult, but really it couldn't be easier.  A big bag of masa, some water, a press & a little bit of time is all it takes.  (Actually, the press itself is optional... one taco night in France we made enough tortillas for a dinner with 15 people with just a wine bottle to roll them out.)  Our most recent taco night was in honor of an adventurous gang from SoCal that came up for a spur of the moment visit.  Lots of helpers in the kitchen are key to making it fun instead of work.

Thank you for coming to visit... we sure wish you lived closer!!!

What else....

Our container from France arrived.  William has been super busy sorting through the new goods and getting everything ready for shows.  After a year & a half of the same stuff, it sure is nice to have some fresh stock.  We are working on getting the chairs shot & new pictures on the website. 

Remy the rascal
Practicing his rock-star scream

Time has been in short supply lately... quite the opposite of what I had envisioned for summer break... but there always seems to be somewhere we are supposed to be, appointments to keep, work to do.  Quinn had his 5-year check up the other day.  In general all is well, but his list of specialists is growing to include an immunologist.  He has had chronic sinus infections as of late, as well as some slightly puzzling lab results.  Which seems funny to write because he is also so very healthy, strong & energetic.  (Oh so energetic!!)  Hoping to get some answers soon... the new school year approaches & fresh challenges await.  I now totally get it why parents are always so ready for school to start again.  The predictable schedule, structured time and welcome break from kids can be a mom's best friend.

Somehow I did manage to read a book last week... an actual whole book... Planting Dandelions by Kyran Pittman.  Essays about life, motherhood and staying whole while becoming a family, a perspective from a mom of three boys.  To say I found it inspirational would be an understatement.  A good reminder that I am not alone and I can do this.

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