Monday, July 4, 2011

Catching up...

The past several weeks have been a whirlwind of travel & activity... leaving little time for sitting down to write posts or edit photos.  What started out as a gray, cold, rainy summer has blossomed into heatwaves, beach visits & lots of ice-cream-for-lunch kind of days.  

We kicked things off with a big milestone... Quinn's graduation from pre-school.  I still can't believe my little baby boy is going to kindergarten in the fall.  It feels so cliche to say it, but it is times like this that make me realize how quickly it all goes.  He proudly wore a special hat & shirt for the end of the year ceremony and got a little diploma as well. 

As always, ice-cream is the highlight for my guys!


 The next really big deal was Quinn's fifth birthday...

His cake, by request, was rainbow with blue icing & sprinkles.

Making a wish...

Remy's choice of spoon size in direct proportion to his love of vanilla ice-cream

Celebrating with friends

Loving the new cowboy hat... thank you Suttons!

Random Remy likes to occasionally tell me to get my camera & art direct his own photo shoot.  Dewey dog was particularly cooperative this afternoon...

The next really big deal was our family reunion trip to Myrtle Beach.  I barely got my camera out, having too much fun enjoying sand, surf & swimming pools... felt great to be in hot weather with refreshing water nearby.  Thank you Noni & Poppi for planning this trip... it was such a gift to have a full week all together.

A happy Quinn getting ready for our first day at the beach

Patient Uncle Rick let's the kids bury him in the sand

This is pretty much how Quinn looked the whole time on the beach... in constant motion!

This was a tough crowd to get a good group shot!!!  Too many wiggly kids & silly adults.

And the last, really biggest deal... 

Baby boy B3.0

If all goes well, our next family reunion will include one more little guy.  We are equal parts elated, excited & terrified... being outnumbered by little boys is a wonderful & scary prospect.  Aside from the morning sickness that has absolutely nothing to do with morning & can strike at any time, this pregnancy has gone really smoothly.  My own fears, worries, doubts have been my biggest struggle.  Making it over hurdles has surprised me every-time... the best kind of happy surprises.  Due to arrive December 29th, but my boys tend to be impatient & arrive early.  It will be a very exciting Christmas around here!


Ann said...

Oh. my. goodness! What a lovely surprise! Thinking I was going to comment on the gorgeous photos....
If you liked schoolhouse rock as a kid then you'll know that 3 is the magic number. Congratulations! I'm so excited that I'll get to see updates on YOUR 3 little birds.
By the way, I absolutely adore the picture of Quinn making a wish.

larajanepark said...

Oh Congratulations! The more the merrier is what I say!

Denette said...

Congratulations on the little bean!! You take such wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

KT -- we are so happy for you all! Can hardly wait for a midwest cousins/etc summer will be a wild mix of babies and fun! Hugs to everyone, CC