Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's a beautiful day...

The sun is finally shining in our little corner of the world.  It is amazing what power that gorgeous ball of fire has to make everything seem just a little bit better.  The endless rainy days were beginning to take a toll... I found myself feeling gray, cloudy, bleak... taking on the moody weather as my own state of being, retreating into a hibernation usually reserved for deep winter.  But today the welcome warmth brings open windows and cool breezes to blow away the funk.  Fingers crossed for the promise of summer.

Last night William & I and 70,000 of our closest friends went to see a little band called U2 play the coliseum.  It was cold & loud & our seats were literally the highest up we could possibly be... and it was fabulous.  There is just something magic about live music... whether it is an unknown in an intimate club, a massive production by well-seasoned performers or two buskers performing one of my favorite songs at the BART station on the way home... concert date-nights are the best. 

We moved down to the first row of our section & ended up having terrific seats... high above it all, but an amazing view of the entire spectacle.

Being away from responsibilities for a brief moment, getting lost in music & finding ourselves momentarily separate from the labels of "Mom" & "Dad" leaves us feeling renewed & ready to once again face the challenges of parenthood.  Although it feels kind of cruel that as we get older just staying out past bedtime leaves one feeling hung-over the next morning... even without the consumption of any alcohol.  Totally worth it though.

The past month has been a challenging one... three weeks solid of solo parenting while William was in France on a buying trip, left me beyond exhausted.  Seriously, I don't know how single parents do it.  At least I had an end date... a red circle on the calendar signaling that help is on the way.  Relief from being the sole caregiver to two rambunctious, silly, limit-testing little boys.  A big shout out to Grandma camp, friends & neighbors who helped me find bits of respite during those long three weeks.  I literally could not have done it without you all.

Playing catch with Gima
Remy has gotten quite adept at riding his scooter... I see skateboards in our future!
Sidewalk chalk rainbows are one of Quinn's specialties
Bedtime stories with Gima
Baking bread with Grandma
An outing to the pier in between rainstorms
Summer haircut... he actually loves having his hair cut... contrary to his look in this picture!

Lots happening here in the coming weeks... graduation, birthday, vacation & unknown adventures await!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad to see a post from you. I am sure you had your hands full with William gone. I missed the little peaks into your life.

Ann said...

So jealous! Would've loved to see U2! Glad you guys are taking a break from being mom and dad sometimes. It's essential!sigh