Monday, April 18, 2011

Rockin' the Random

Is it weird that sometimes I click on my own blog & think "Darn, no new post"?
There is some tiny part of my brain that actually believes it is possible for this to happen without me knowing about it.  Like maybe a little blogging elf could have gone through our photos & composed a little something to go with them?

Yeah, I know.
A little weird.

Have been caught up in a swirl of doing a lot but not doing much outside of our routines.  And I find myself surprised that I am absolutely okay with this.  I used to dread the idea of ever having to do the exact same things every-single-day, but somehow I find it comforting at this point in life.  I know my boys won't always need me in the ways they do now.  Am enjoying being the center of their world for this brief moment in time.  Soon enough my kisses will no longer have magic healing powers, but instead will be a source of embarrassment in front of their friends.  My oh-so-beautiful singing voice will no longer soothe & entertain, but will also induce instant mortification.  This occurred to me during the morning drive to preschool.  Quinn & I rocked out to Katy Perry's Firework as Remy begged us to stop.  (Yeah, I know, but it is a totally fun song to go crazy in the car to!)
No deal kid... morning rock-outs will continue.

And now for something completely random...
Remy is a supermodel.
Once upon a time our very talented neighbor, Katrine, took some fun pictures of young Remy making a mess with blueberries. 

©Katrine Naleid Photography
Fast forward a year & a half and little mister is being PAID for two pictures that will be appearing in a cookbook for La Leche League. 

©Katrine Naleid Photography
Oh yes, he is on his way to fame & fortune.


A couple of weeks ago we planned a family day at the beach.  It stared out as a windy, foggy spring day... but as we got closer to the coast, the fog began to burn off & we lucked into an empty beach, bathed in sweet sunshine.

Boy + stick = happiness!
Watching the coolest formation of flying birds that I have ever seen.

Dewey breaks his "I don't do sticks" rule & enjoys a bit of fetch.


Last week's adventure was to the free-range dog park... and Costco... woohoo!

Who's hiding in the jungle?

A wild Remy!

At the end of the walk everyone wants a ride.


Saved the most exciting update for last...
Quinn is reading.
Yes, READING!!!!!
He started seeing a reading tutor about a month ago... she is amazing.  One of the tools we use is to make our own little books.  Quinn gets to pick from several different pictures, glues them to a page, we write a short sentence & voila... his very own book. 

I see Quinn.
Reading.  So very cool.

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melissayt said...

So proud of the progress Quinn has made. He never ceases to amaze me! =)