Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chocolate Bunnies & Cosmic Do-Overs

A friend on Facebook recently posed the question, "If you could go back in history, what would you do or change?"  This question has been swirling around in my brain ever since.  Some wrote of preventing global atrocities or witnessing an important event in history.  But my response was much more selfish.  I would stop my cousin from driving home from the lake, get my grandma to see a doctor before her pains grew so great and basically break all rules of time travel attempting to keep those I love safe & alive.  But for my own life, I realized that there is not much I would change.  Other than pure vanity... as in keep exercising, floss every day & save more, spend less... I do not have many regrets in life.  Every skinned-knee, broken heart & mis-step has led me to exactly this moment.  And this moment, my life right now, I would not change for the world.

Each generation tries to make life a little better, a little easier, than the last.  We don't always succeed, but we try.  In the past I think this meant working hard so your children could go to school, to make more money, live bigger lives in bigger houses.  But I like to think that my generation is trying to do better in other ways... by spending more time, listening more, hugging more, expressing more.  Learning from past mistakes, making better choices.  There is so much out of our control - but maybe, just maybe, recognizing the gift of a new day, trying to make a difference for someone else, is what can help change occur.  Maybe changing the past is not such a good idea?  It may seem naive, but economic crises & lost jobs just might be the priority shift that helps our future selves live better.

The realization that every morning we wake up to a new chance of re-birth, of resurrection, is a powerful one.    What do I want my 50 year old self to think of the me today?  What regrets might she have that I currently hold the power to prevent?  That this might be the morning I wake earlier than my boys & go for that 2 mile walk?  (Ha!)  Or the day I skip dessert? (Double Ha!)  Maybe someday I'll finally get that part right.

Or maybe, if I am very very lucky, this might be the day I help shape two little boys to become great men.


We are not exactly religious people, so Easter in our house has more to do with chocolate bunnies than anyone rising from the dead.  Our leanings are more in the agnostic/buddhist/spiritualist realm, preaching kindness, tolerance, forgiveness.  But this time of year the idea of resurrection is kind of hard to avoid.  With the natural world springing to life, new beginnings are all around... in flowering trees, baby birds & tomato starts lined up outside ready to be planted.

The boys enjoyed their egg- hunts this year.  Remy's strategy is to find an egg, open it, eat contents, look for next egg.  While Quinn preferred to fill his basket to the brim, not really caring about what is inside, more interested in the act of gathering.  After all the chocolate faces were wiped, toys gathered & sugar highs descended, it was a very fun week.

Thank you Jim for passing on your giant bunny tradition!

We also got to enjoy a surprise visit from cousins.... one of the many perks of living close-by. 

We might not ever get the chance to go back & change the past, but we do hold the power to make today amazing. 
Or as Quinn would say, using his new favorite word, to make it "awesome."


Unknown said...

So inspiring! Please bring your boys over to play in my backyard soon. Xoxo

larajanepark said...

Always happy to read your posts! And I completely agree with you about the blessing of lost jobs, and penny pinching. Time is the best gift we can give our families. You guys are SO doing it right.