Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Through

Sometimes the chop wood, carry water –ness of everyday life with kids moves along with a comforting hum.  Other times the exact same motions can seem monotonous, tedious, overwhelming.  What is it that makes a “good” day or a “bad” day?  We are the same people, most-often the tasks are the same.  Can it be as simple as the variance of moods? Frame of mind?  Quality or quantity of sleep?  Position of the moon?

I don’t like succumbing to the feeling of “just getting through” a day.  I try to pay homage to exactly how precious it is to simply have another day.   But some days are not so easy... and the "getting through" is triumph enough.  As we are nearing the end of William’s latest project (5 weeks of nights, 13 hour shifts, 7 days a week) we are all feeling the strain.  A thick film of exhaustion coats my days, coupled with frenzied “they are finally asleep” nights where I stay up way too late trying to get things done.   

The boys have been relatively germ free since the holidays, but this week Remy went down hard.  He tends to go from sniffles to a chest-rattling, wheezy cough of full blown asthma very quickly, so cautionary trips to the doctor are frequent.  I will do pretty much anything to avoid the nightly coughing fits that render him simultaneously inconsolable, & pleading “hold me, hold me.”  These late-night bouts leave me bleary-eyed & quick-tempered the next morning, doing my best to hold on to my oh-so-thin thready link to sanity.

But the past couple of days the sun has been shining bright, the perfect foil to my cranky moods.  It's hard to stay grumpy when it is a glorious 75 degrees and the rest of the country is buried deep under a cold white blanket.  We have re-filled the sandbox, found our dollar store paintbrushes and sidewalk chalk... doing our best to enjoy our brief glimpse at the promise of spring ahead.  
"Painting" the house, fence & sidewalk is a favorite around here

Big boy Quinn now rides the bus home on his own three days a week.

On one of our recent "where the Quinn takes you" hikes - my favorite kind when we have the time.

Getting through, just fine.  Chopping wood, carrying water.

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larajanepark said...

I remember those days Katie. Oh how I long for them now! And then I let myself remember the "getting through" part....and I think no, I wouldn't do it again. Or would I??? My kids painted our deck with water just about every sunny day for years....happy happy memories. Thank you for sharing! xoxox lara