Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You're Golden Baby

Have been having trouble getting it together to write this post.  And until this afternoon, I was stumped as to why.  Aside from the usual reason, the challenge of finding time to sit down to write when there are two little boys that need so much of me, this time it was something else.  It's because I am happy.  Content.  In the zone.  Living in each moment as it is happening.  Same routine, different mindset.  And for whatever reason the words flow more easily & I seem to do my best writing when I am struggling to figure something out, or to reconstruct a feeling or make a point.  Strange, but true.

Before William started back to work this week (night shifts, yuck!) we made a conscious effort to enjoy every last minute.  From a quick trip across the country to celebrate 50 years of love & life together, to a winter beach outing... we filled up every moment we could with adventure.

One of the downsides of choosing to marry later in life, is that it is unlikely William & I will reach such a milestone as our 50th wedding anniversary.  (Although I suppose you never know... I will be a youthful 87 & William a spry 92 when we get to that point!)  It was our honor & privilege to be with family & friends to mark the occasion of Bob & Vinka's Golden Anniversary.  We spent a beautiful afternoon at the museum, warm & cozy looking out on a snow-covered park, eating, drinking & being very merry.  Thank you Noni & Poppi for making it possible for us to be there with you celebrate.

The Grandkids (minus two little boys who stayed home with my Mom.)

Loved this collage of a life built together.

Bob & Vinka met at this couple's engagement party.


As the countdown began for William's return to work we took off for a day trip to the coast.  It was a glorious sunny day when we arrived in the late afternoon and the boys loved tromping around the in sand & muck from the sea.  

Remy loved seeing his boot tracks in the sand

This one didn't really turn out but I just love his face in this shot... and those eyelashes.

A huge blanket of fog rolled in once we were far down the beach, bringing cold & damp to our bright day.  Quinn didn't seem to mind one bit...

Remy learns the hard way about the tide... a small wave knocked him down & he was not pleased.

The next evening we managed to fit in a quick birthday wish before the work day (or more accurately, work night) began.  Happy birthday apple pie, since that's what he prefers.  Couldn't fit all 46 candles on it, so we made do with 4 singles & a 6.

Feeling golden all around... now it's night shifts & the daily challenge of keeping two kids occupied & quiet so Daddy can sleep.  Fingers crossed the weather will get better so we can play outside again soon!

P.S. I have already sent a link to this video out to everyone I ever had an email address for... but in case you missed it, please check out this video created by my favorite blogger, Kelle Hampton.  She started a little fundraiser for the National Down Syndrome Society in honor of her daughter Nella's first birthday that quickly turned into a BIG fundraiser.  (Look for our Quinn at 2:40!)

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