Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet Remy Blue Eyes

To Remy on his 3rd birthday...

I am still not quite sure how we got from this:

To this:

... so very quickly.  Watching you grow & change & learn is such an amazing adventure.
 I feel like I have know you forever... even before you were born I knew you.  My golden-haired boy with the rascally ways.

Your sweet smile, wet kisses & never-ending hugs are some of my very favorite things.  You give the best hugs of anyone in the whole wide world.

I love how your incredible brain works.  How you hear something one time & will bring it up weeks later, or make connections that I never thought you would understand.  To witness your beautiful creativity and blossoming imagination, makes my world a happy place.

I love how you are developing your very own relationship with your brother.  How it has nothing to do with me or your Dad.  And how you can make each other laugh like crazy.

I love that you challenge me.  That you are starting to make me think about why I believe the things that I do, so I may teach them to you & your brother.

Yesterday you asked me, "If cows make milk, what do dinosaurs make?"  It took me a full five minutes to come up with my answer... "bones."

 I love how you approach life with an endless well of exuberance.  From going to the grocery store, to helping match socks, to being at the beach... your level of enthusiasm never seems to waver.

 I love that when I ask you about your favorite part of school you almost always answer "snack."

I love that whenever we go for a walk, you end up with pockets full of rocks & treasures.  How you always stop to see some little flower or detail in a leaf.  Seeing things through your eyes, helps me slow down to take it all in.

I love that whenever people ask how old you are, you always answer, "five".

You knew exactly what you wanted this year... a rainbow cake with lots of frosting & sparkles.  With your help in the kitchen, it turned out just as you wished.

Happy Birthday Remy... may all your wishes come true.  We love you so very much!


Philip May said...

Very sweet.

Happy Birthday, Remy!!! <--see the candles?

Jennifer Horner said...

Wow, 3 years old already? I remember when he was just a babe and you were bringing him in a car seat to the Connection! Happy Birthday Remy! How did you do that rainbow cake? That is so cool!!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday Remy. I am so impressed by the cake.