Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Holi-daze & Family Adventures

This year is one of the first we did not travel to see our extended family.  And although we really missed being with everyone, it was pretty nice to stay home.  No bags to pack, planes to catch, or boneless toddlers to cart through airport terminals.  Our first year just us, with two little boys who are actually interested in this Santa fella & the magic that surrounds him.  The responsibility of picking & choosing traditions from our own childhoods, creating new ones together & stepping back to watch our boys revel in it all, was pretty darn amazing. 

We started our festivities with a trip to the zoo to see Santa.  Braving the pouring rain, with a very cranky Quinn & minimally cooperative Remy, we set out to get the requisite "kid photo with Santa" checked off the list.  Luckily for us the rain stopped just as we pulled into the parking lot.  Not so luckily, Quinn's mood spiraled downward & he absolutely freaked out at the sight of the man in red.  The photo op was scrapped & we set out to visit the animals instead.  Turns out a rainy day is the perfect time to actually see the animals.

Those elusive Lions out in the open.

Remy loves wearing Daddy's hat.

Silly Daddy

We left the zoo & went straight to the tree lot to pick out our very first family Christmas tree.  We tromped through mud & more rain to pick out our little funky tree.  Decorating it was Remy's favorite part...

One of my very favorite ornaments... from Quinn's first Christmas.

Old man Dewey stayed underfoot to help.
Christmas Eve story-time with Daddy

Thank you Grandma for the cute matching PJ's!

Santa's helpers had a lot of work to do... assembling & wrapping & making magic happen.

Two very excited little boys on Christmas morning

Of course the $2.00 flashlights were the biggest hit!

Super Quinn & his magic cape.

Thank you Uncle Chris... Quinn loves his game.

One of our new traditions... homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

Remy asked Santa for a BIG piggy bank. 

The rain finally stopped the day after Christmas, so we packed up and went to the free-range dog park.  A bit of sunshine, exercise & lots of mud made for happy boys & dog.

Quinn's plans for going off-road are thwarted again.

My new favorite photo.

A big thank-you to Noni & Poppi for our membership to the Discovery Museum.  That place is amazing!  So much to explore & do... kept two little boys entertained for hours.

We ended that adventure with ice-cream on a freezing cold day.  Not even a dead battery in our car could put a damper on our mood that afternoon.  (Thankfully husband has mad skills finding kind souls with jumper cables.)  After the roller-coaster of emotions we went through before Christmas, these days together really helped to keep things in perspective.  We welcomed in the New Year with good friends & good food at our house... the kids outnumbered adults, but somehow we made it to midnight to toast to new beginnings.

And life goes on...  Happy New Year!


Ann said...

Gorgeous photos and gorgeous boys! Glad to you had a wonderful holiday.

Jennifer Horner said...

Wow Katie, your blog wonderful! I love seeing Quinn and Remy getting so big! Love to you an your family, Jennifer Horner

dig this chick said...

I love this post...found myself smiling all the way through at a life well lived. Just love and real life beauty. Awesome!