Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aargh!, Buddy Walk & 1st birthdays

Am having one of those days that seems to be the reason the whole "Murphy's Law" thing was coined in the first place.  Juggling too many balls at a time & being surprised when one, or more, comes crashing down to the ground.  Everything from finding out Quinn's glasses we ordered 6 weeks ago are still another 3 weeks away because they were denied twice by medi-Cal, to one of my more graceful moments, a quesadilla fresh from the griddle landing cheese-side-down on my disgusting dog-haired floor.  Good times.

Just as I felt my head literally about to pop, I stopped.  And breathed.  And had to laugh at the million & one things that "went wrong" this morning... because they are just little things.  Things that can be fixed.  This seems to be a recurring theme these days... feeling pushed to the brink, on the edge, on the verge.  Most of the time I can stop to recognize that the real brink is actually still very far away & that I can deal.  Some days feel like that whack-a-mole game where just when I think I am on top of something (like tackling laundry mountain - whack!) something else quickly pops up to take its place (hello mount dishmore - yuck.) 

This afternoon as I drove to pick Quinn up at school I saw a man that I see walking in town almost every day.  I sat at the red light, watching him make his way across the street.  Each step clearly a struggle, his gnarled hands holding his two canes, moving forward at his own pace.  Choosing to move forward every day.  Made me feel silly for getting all bent about what are really just minor annoyances.  It is funny how some days the exact same events are so much easier to take in stride, other days it feels like too much.  It really is all a matter of perspective, isn't it?  Choosing to see the lighter side of darker moments.  Choosing to laugh instead of cry.  Choosing to scrape up that gooey mess off my already dirty floor & start over.  Choosing to keep moving forward.

Last weekend we did a lot of moving forward when we did the Buddy Walk with the Grandmas.  Our local walk was scheduled on one of our antique fair days so we weren't planning on participating this year.  The Grandmas took the initiative to find one in their neck of the woods.  It was a beautiful, hot, end-of-summer day with food & fun at every turn.  Thank you Grandma's for making it all possible!

Gima got her workout at the swings as well as on the walk.

The next day we headed north again.  This time to celebrate baby Cahir's first birthday.
The boys had a great time playing with cousins & friends...
 And eating all of the yummy food...

He wasn't too sure about this cake thing at first...
But he seemed to really like the singing...
Happy first birthday baby Cahir!
Yep.  We are moving forward every day.

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Honey said...

These photos are fantastic! The one of Quinn in the hat with that sweet smile slayed me. Beautiful post, per usual.