Saturday, August 28, 2010


Since our return from the East we have been caught up in a swirl of back-to-school dramas, unsuccessful attempts at scaling laundry mountain, doctors appointments (new orthotics & glasses for Quinn!) & preparations for William's annual trek to the desert. Which has left little time to sort through the 700+ photos from our very fun trip. Apologies for the delay in getting a new post together... better late than never strikes again.

Boys modeling their new backpacks as we head out for the airport

They did okay on the airplane... although the last hour is always a tough one... no nap for Remy so he arrived in a puddle of melted 2-year-old-ness. Lucky for us we had understanding neighbors on all of our flights!

It was such a treat to have all of the cousins together, although at times very overwhelming to have "5 under 5" all clamoring for the same toys & attention. A peaceful trip? No, my guys are too rowdy for peaceful, but it was great having all of us together.

The pool was definitely one of the highlights of the visit. Turns out my two little guys are tadpoles just waiting to learn how to swim. By the end of the week both boys would jump from the side into our arms... or in Remy's case, under the water. He loved going all the way under.

The baby pool was great for all of our littles... it had a nice sloped entrance was only 2 feet at the deepest end. Sure made the heat tolerable!

Remy pretending to be an elephant:
Uncle William/Daddy was the favorite pool toy:
Watering baby Brooke to help her grow:

We spent the most of our time in the playroom, aka the back porch.

The Suttons passed through town on their way home from vacation and stopped in for a quick dinner. Such a nice treat...wish we could have visited longer.

We also got to celebrate Grandpa's birthday...

The kids "helped" Grandpa open his presents:

After cake & ice-cream we braved the heat & mosquitoes to burn off some of that sugar energy:
"Let us in!"
Cousins crazy dancing:

Our flight home wasn't until late in the afternoon so we hopped on over to a jumpy house/playzone and attempted to tire out two bouncing little boys.

Quinn started school the day after we got home. Now that is a whole 'nother post! Drama-rama that will hopefully be soon sorted out.

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Unknown said...

Wow. I love your summer days. Sooooo much fun. I can't believe all our summer fun is ending tomorrow...

It sure did fly.