Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just add water...

With my two little guys it seems that most of the time their afternoon crankies can be cured with a little water. We have our water table on our front porch, but when we are very lucky we get to go play in a "real" yard with hoses & sprinklers & baby pools. They are both in heaven whenever there is water around.

We took the boys to the town pool last week... Remy is a total water-baby. He loved swimming in the big pool with Daddy & even put his face in. Quinn was a bit more cautious, but warmed up to it with Daddy's help. Hoping to get their swimming lessons started soon. Happy summer!

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Unknown said...

Your babies are SO adorable. I mean, seriously, I can not even take that much sweetness : )

Water is so much fun in the summer! It makes every day better, doesn't it? So jealous that you have a water table! How much fun is that?