Friday, June 4, 2010

P3: porches, parties & potties

Well it appears that my whinging in the previous post about where is summer actually worked. It showed up last week & we have been busily enjoying every minute of it. Thanks to a very industrious Daddy, our front porch is now escape-artist-boy ready with secure gates at either end. (On the other hand, thanks to another one of Daddy's DIY impulses... a re-wiring project that somehow set aflame two powerstrips... resulted in one very dead microwave. Thankfully Sears very big Memorial day sale was on & a spankin' new microwave now sits in my kitchen.)

One of Remy's latest passions is sidewalk chalk. He directs me to draw various shapes (current favorite is "rectangle") or to write the alphabet or his name. This past week is the first time he asked for a "monster". My artistic dexterity has not improved much since kindergarten days, but here is what we came up with... a goofy beaver-tail-cat monster. Color direction by Remy, of course.

We are over the moon to have Daddy back with us.
His next project shouldn't be until much later in the summer... we are soaking up every possible minute.
Once the sun starts shining, this little can't seem to keep his clothes on...

Thank you to John & Melissa for hosting a very fun Memorial day party. Amazing food, live music and a beautiful setting made for a very happy day.

And for the grand finale... we have jumped on the potty wagon. I can see the light at the end of the diaper pail... how, although we have a very long way to go, this will (eventually) be a very-good-thing.
Besides, these kind of photos will be oh-so-perfect for embarrassing my future teenagers!

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