Friday, June 18, 2010

Noni & Poppi meet Elmo

Had a wonderful visit with Noni & Poppi. As always, the time flew by way too fast... but we enjoyed lots of porch-sitting days as well as several fun outings. They were real troopers & took us on Quinn's birthday to see Sesame Street Live. It was the first live performance for the boys & although they were a bit overwhelmed to start, Quinn was soon clapping along & cheering. Remy went back & forth from sheer joy to clinging to my neck in terror... hopefully not a lasting childhood trauma. Unfortunately we barely have any pictures to share since our camera is missing & my iPhone just doesn't cut it as a camera.

After the performance both boys looked like this:
Sacked out! Then we were off to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. I swear my boys would live on rice, beans, chips & salsa if I let them!

We made our way home & relaxed a bit... then it was time for presents & cake. Sorry no pictures of this yet... took a few on our friend's camera & will post when I get them. It totally sucks not having a camera.

Thank you Scott for coming over to take these before our visit was over...

Noni & Poppi we miss you already! Thank you for everything. Especially for going with us for the boys first movie theater experience (Toy Story 3.) They had a blast & it was all the more special sharing it with you. Come back soon!

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