Monday, June 21, 2010

F stop blues & a very happy father's day

The camera is really gone.
At large.
The little point & shoot that has captured the past four years of our lives (it was a gift when Quinn was born) disappeared about 2 weeks ago. We kept thinking it was just under something... that happens a lot around here... things disappearing under other things. But after several thorough searches we can't seem to find it anywhere.

That's the bad news.

But the great news is... I got my "real" camera!!!! The most beautiful beast of a camera you ever did see. Just holding its hefty body in my hands makes my heart beat faster. Reminding me of how very much I love taking pictures & being creative & feeling alive. I have been saving for months and was about two-thirds of the way there when husband surprised me with the balance as an anniversary present. Nice husband.

I'm still figuring how to use it... might take me awhile to get the hang of it. But am oh-so-excited about the learning ahead. And I have such wonderful models to practice with...

Got to spend Father's day hanging at the park with our Daddy-O... was a beautiful day all around.

Just call me snap-happy. Many more pics to come...


aij said...

Those are incredibly beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see future pics with the new camera. The one of Quinn's eyes is an amazing shot.

KWQR said...

Thanks Dan! Am having a blast taking a million pics. And thanks for commenting too... good to know people are actually reading what I am writing. :-)

larajanepark said...

I'm reading too! What kind of camera did you choose? Do you ever read She's a fabulous photographer (her cookbook is awesome too), you should check her out. Looking at the pictures of your beautiful family makes me so happy for you and william!!! xoxolara