Monday, May 3, 2010

Just words

It has been one of *those* days.

The kind that starts at 4:00 am when you are jolted out of the deepest sleep by the sound of anguished-kid-cry. Bad dream? Fever? Tummy ache? Who knows... but the urgency of the cry pulls you out of the warm cozy bed. And it seems nothing can console him back to sleep. So you start your day with an email that tells you the Tylenol you gave him just 30 minutes ago has been recalled. Check on kid. Happily watching a movie at 6:00 am.

It continues as you try to go to the bank, thinking that 45 extra minutes should be enough time to run this errand. Too bad there are 18 (yes eighteen) people in front of you waiting for those two slower-than-molasses tellers. And then you make it to the babysitter's and realize you left the diaper bag sitting outside the front door of your house. Then there is the smoke alarm with a low battery. Its intermittent chirp designed to make a sane person claw their eyes out.
Where is that thing?!?!

Luckily, the kid will sleep again someday, lines at the bank do end, any babysitter worth her salt is well prepared for scatter-brained moms who forget everything & eventually you can track down that smoke alarm and remove the offending dying 9-volt.

Thankfully there are those other kind of days. Well maybe not whole days, but enough moments... the really, really good ones... to make you forget about *those* days.

Some of my favorites lately:
~ Quinn in his rain-gear & mardi-gras beads pulling Remy around in the wagon
~ Remy proudly watering his "plant" (i.e. dead sticks that once were basil)
~ The boys holding hands as we walk Quinn to school
~ Remy finding a dirty old piece of styrofoam on our walk & asking what it is... when I tell him it is styrofoam he looks at me strangely & then holds it up to his ear & saying "hello, Daddy?". Carried his new styro-phone the rest of that walk calling various people along the way.
~ Spooning with Quinn on the couch at 6:00 am snuggled up in blankets & watching "Up".

I have been trying to pay more attention to these good moments... the ones you wish you could capture in a photograph to remember forever, but part of the magic is the speed at which they end.

Looking forward to whatever tomorrow will bring.

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Ann said...

I love your attitude. It's the attitude of an experienced mamma. People often ask me how I do it (the craziness of three kids) and I think it's because now I realize "this too shall pass" applies to many things. Now I'm not Zen every day but that attitude gets me through a lot. I also like how you understand most days you get "moments". There usually aren't days that are entirely bad or good. And two little boys holding hands? **sigh** love it!