Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dreams & Real Weekends

This morning I woke from a vivid dream that I had to do part of my life over again. Not some big-major-event part, just one particular project that I did more than 13 years ago. After shaking the disappointment that I would not actually be seeing a friend I worked with who passed away several years ago, I was left with the sense that what I would have done differently - the second time around - was to take it all less seriously. Less personally. To have more of a "roll-with-it" attitude.

With my more awake brain I'm trying to apply that gift of a do-over to my everyday life. Just for a moment, pretend you are living your second chance... what would you tell yourself to do differently? Besides telling my younger self to floss & keep exercising, I would say "pay attention". It all flies by so quickly. So often I find myself looking ahead to whatever is next on the list... all stuff that has to get done, yes, but not the kind of things that I will remember in 10 years. Taking a break from the dishwasher to read another book to Remy, or walking away from answering email to play build & destroy towers with Quinn... these are the kinds of things I would tell my do-over self to pay attention to.

This weekend we were able to have some of that "real" time to remember... it started with Daddy surprising us by coming home early from work on Saturday. Yay! We went over to visit friends & had a wonderful spur-of-the-moment backyard cookout. The kids ran around & ate popsicles & had a blast.

On Sunday we all slept late and had a nice slow morning complete with bacon & french toast. (Really, is there anything better than bacon?!?) In the afternoon we took two little shaggy boys to get haircuts. Quinn really hates getting his hair cut so we tend to put it off until it is absolutely necessary.

Remy is not a big fan either. Though he was far more cooperative...

Their favorite part, of course, is picking out their treasure after it is all done...

After all being sick the previous week, this weekend was just the recharge we needed.

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