Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adventures in medicine

Since he was born, our little Quinn gets his hearing tested every six months. The last three tests have been "inconclusive" since he refused to cooperate during the sound booth portion. Something about being in the little booth with the animals that move & clap freaked him out every time. (Can't really blame him, they were kind of freaky!) So our next step was to take him for a sedated hearing test that measures brainwave reactions to sound. As long as we had him under we decided to see if he needed to get tubes in his ears as well. (I wanted to also bring a dentist, barber & nail scissors as long as he was under... he is such a squirmy monkey...but unfortunately that was not possible.) We arrived at the hospital bright & early... he was so very brave!

In the pre-surgery unit there was an area with toys for him to play with... it even had a little house & kitchen. He quite enjoyed all of the attention.

But I think his favorite part was taking a ride on the big bed...

We made good use of the extra hospital socks...

Saying good-bye to our pre-op nurse... Quinn made a lot of friends at the hospital that day.
He did really well during the whole process. I held it together right up until they put the little mask on his face to put him to sleep. One look at my little guy laying on that huge operating table set me a cryin'! The ear tubes were a quick procedure, he only needed the temporary ones. The hearing test took over 2 hours... luckily William was with me to wait it out. The results showed that he has a mild/moderate conductive hearing loss in both ears. They explained it to us that it is like he has soft ear plugs in... he can hear, but it is muffled & not as clear. We are going in tomorrow to get fitted for his hearing aids. Not sure how we will get him to keep them on... now that will be a challenge!

Once we got home we watched movies & hung out the rest of the day. Other than being a little groggy that afternoon he seemed back to normal really quickly. He was up & running around by dinner time.

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