Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas day & pinatas

Catching up... just a few months behind! I actually started this post waaay back in January. Back to that better late than never philosophy I seem to live by....

We spent a nice, relaxing holiday up at camp Grandmas... the boys had a fabulous time ripping open their presents. They were still more interested in the paper & boxes this year, but I have a feeling that next year they will be all about the gift inside.
New snuggly robes from Noni & Poppi:

Then a boxing day brunch at Aunt Pauline's... she went all out & got pinatas for the kids. They had a great time trying to break them open.

The tunnel fort from Noni & Poppi was a popular spot...

VIP day

At Quinn's morning preschool each child gets a chance to be the Very Important Person during the school year. Quinn's week was just after the holiday break. His favorite part of being the VIP was ringing the bell at recess to let everyone know it is time to come inside.

He had a great time ringing that bell!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Resolutions of silly

Okay... first my apologies for neglecting this blog... (so sorry Dan, I broke my promise for a last 2009 post!) But, here I am now. Better late than never is my current credo it seems. Will aim to do better in 2010! I'm not a big one on resolutions, but this year our household aspires to see the silly side of life as often as possible. Things have been WAY too serious around here the past few months... economic crisis ='s not many antiques sales ='s no income & too much stress. That is something we can not control. But we can control how often we laugh throughout the day.

Good thing we have two little monkey boys around keeping things real.