Saturday, August 22, 2009

Random Remy

Remy, as most of you know, is a rascal.

"Who, me?"

The other night as William was making dinner he got out a big block of mozzarella. He was momentarily distracted by something & did not notice this little mouse stealing his cheese.

I found him in the living room watching tv, enjoying his appetizer.

Almost couldn't take the pictures because I was laughing so hard!

A more serious look.

Remy hard at work. He loves to build things. Unfortunately most of the time big brother comes in & demolishes his creations. (We're working on that one!)

Supermodel Remy's club chair campaign.


larajanepark said...
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larajanepark said...

William and Katie! What a wonderful family you have made together...the boys are darling and it's clear that you are fabulous parents. It was so great to see you today W, and thank you for sharing your pictures and blog! Check out mine sometime, although it's not as exciting as yours....wish they'd been around when my kids were little like yours. Simon is 17 and a sr. in high school already...
love to you all,