Saturday, August 22, 2009

Random Remy

Remy, as most of you know, is a rascal.

"Who, me?"

The other night as William was making dinner he got out a big block of mozzarella. He was momentarily distracted by something & did not notice this little mouse stealing his cheese.

I found him in the living room watching tv, enjoying his appetizer.

Almost couldn't take the pictures because I was laughing so hard!

A more serious look.

Remy hard at work. He loves to build things. Unfortunately most of the time big brother comes in & demolishes his creations. (We're working on that one!)

Supermodel Remy's club chair campaign.

Beach party

To celebrate William's cousin visiting with his family from England & another cousin's baby shower we recently had a big beach party! It was a bit windy, but with lots of great food & good company we hardly noticed.

This was actually Remy's first time at the beach.

Quinn isn't the biggest fan of walking on the sand. Though he loves to play in the sandbox.

We all ate too much (thank you Pauline!) & had a wonderful time... all three boys fell asleep in the car on the way home. Luckily, I was the one driving.

Time for School!

Our little Quinn is growing up. This past week he started school! He is going to a special day class three afternoons a week. So far he seems to really love it. The teachers let me know that he was really good at following directions, listening during circle time & singing during music. He has also been talking a lot more & is mimicking a lot of different words & sounds.

On the Friday before school started we went to an open-house to meet his teachers & to see the room.
Orientation morning...

Putting on shoes...

Okay mom, let's go!

As soon as we entered the classroom Quinn started playing right away. He gave the teacher a hug as well. I knew he'd be just fine.

Morning of first day of class...

Getting in some last minute reading...

Big boy with his Elmo backpack, ready to go.

This is what he looked like when I picked him up after his first class.

Yep, I think we're going to like school.

The Haircut

Quinn is notoriously uncooperative when it comes to things like trimming nails or cutting his hair... which is why it is usually Daddy's job to take care of these things. William has been working like crazy & the first day of school was fast approaching, so I realized I had to take care of the next haircut.

Here are a couple of "before" shots...

I love the long hair, but the poor guy couldn't see half the time with his bangs hanging in his eyes. So off we went to one of those kid salons to see what we could do.

Things started off okay... there are tv screens at each station, I gave him graham crackers (his favorite) to hold in each hand and also let him have sips from a juice box (a rare treat)... at first these distractions did the trick & the nice lady cutting his hair got a lot of the length cut off.

But then...

...he was DONE with us.

Very unhappy Quinn.

But, somehow we all got through it, & although it ended up being MUCH shorter than I had originally wanted, I think he looks pretty cute.

Besides, it's hair. It will grow.