Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spring into summer

Poor Dewey dog gets forgotten a lot since the kids came along. We took him to the free-range dogpark for a good run to try to make up for it.
The boys were happy to take a break from the stroller & stretch their legs as well.

Little Remy fell & got his first (of many, I'm sure!) skinned knee.

Big brother Quinn looking cute.

He just can't help it, he's cute a lot.

Quinn got to drive one of Daddy's cars recently.

Remy the toilet paper bandit strikes again!

Who? Me?

Remy & Daddy

Quinn likes to spend time sorting & resorting & occasionally actually reading his books.

Quinn's preschool had an end of the year picnic. Here he is getting his special certificate.

Looking forward to a fun summer!

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The Suttons East said...

Enjoyed all the new photos! I still remember when E got her first skinned knee - I couldn't believe her perfect little skin had a scrape! ~MHKE