Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Holidays, At Home & First Birthday

So here it is February already & I am finally getting around to posting holiday photos! Sorry for the delay... but these two little monkeys really do keep me on the go.

We had a great time back east for Christmas - lots of grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins to play with.

At Grandma & Grandpa's we went for lots of walks around the lake, fed the ducks & played at the playground.

Quinn got to go bowling & had a great time. (The metal guide thing really helped my game as well!)

Watching Yo Gabba Gabba with cousin Addie.

Piano lessons with uncle Chris.

Christmas Eve on the porch.

Remy had lots of fun with opening presents this year.

Quinn & cousin Addie had lots of fun playing together. They were so adorable... it was hard to catch on film, but they walked around holding hands.

We drove further south to visit with Noni, Poppi, uncle Rick, Ben & Sam. Here's Remy & Noni at the park.

Noni & Poppi took us to a wonderful aquarium... Remy loved seeing all of the fish. Quinn, however, was a bit overwhelmed!

We didn't take nearly enough pictures while at Uncle Rick's house, but here are a couple.

For Christmas the boys got a set of velcro fruits & veggies with a plastic knife & cutting board. Remy's favorite toy of all time is, of course, the plastic knife. He takes it everywhere... I even found it in his crib the other day. Somehow he managed to bring it to bed with him for naptime! Silly kid.

William sold this beautiful sailing canoe from one of our stores. It was only up for a week, but it looked amazing.

Reading mom's magazine on Dewey's dog bed.

Teaching little brother how it's done.

Can't believe my baby is now one year old. We hosted a little cake party to celebrate Remy's first year.

After removing the frosting encrusted clothing... a little dance with Daddy.

That's all for now!

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