Sunday, October 5, 2008

Summer's end

Somehow the entire month of September passed by while I wasn't looking. We've had a busy time all around. While William went to burning man for a week, the boys & I went up to camp Grandma. We had lots of fun playing in the pool & walking around the property. Quinn is getting better & better at walking on all kinds of terrain. He had a great time practicing the stairs, up & down & up again, to knock on the door to see if Grandma was home.

William was home for a week & then he was off to France on a buying trip for 2-1/2 weeks. The boys & I spent part of the time at Grandma's & then came home for the last 10 days. They sure kept me busy!!!! I don't know how single parents do it all on their own... next time I think I'll go on the buying trip & leave William home with the monkeys. William & our friend Marty worked hard, but also managed to have some fun... on their one day off they went on a private tour of a champagne house that is near our storage in Reims. The shopping went well, but expensive, and the container loading went smoothly.

Quinn & Remy are both growing & changing like crazy. Quinn started his practice preschool - we go every Friday. This week we had a field trip to a fire station. He wasn't too sure about it at first, but couldn't wait to go touch the shiny firetruck. He got to sit inside the big truck as well as spray the water hose.

Remy is now crawling like a maniac! He is getting faster & improving his technique every day. He can go from the middle of the living room all the way to the office in about 30 seconds. He's also starting to talk more & now says "dada".

Remy & Quinn just got a new rug for their room (thank you craigslist!) They are in there playing together right now... it's been quiet so I better go check what is happening!

Okay... all is well.
Lately Quinn seems to think it is hilarious to put things on top of his brother's head.

What else? Remy likes to jump in his doorway jumper thingie. I got a haircut (finally!)

It has already rained a couple of times in the past week... I love the smell of first rains. Kind of a dusty, wet, earthy smell... here comes fall.

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