Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer visitors

It has been quite a busy summer around here! Lots of friends and family came to visit us over the past few months. Quinn had the best time trying to keep up with all of the bigger kids. It was really great for him to have so many new people to play with. He is now totally walking on his own and moves really fast.

He's finally starting to get himself to standing without holding on to things - we have seen him do it a few times now. His language has begun to really blossom as well. He will occasionally string two or three signs together and has started to mimic sounds and words more and more. (Time to really watch our p's & q's around him!)

Remy continues to grow like crazy. He had his 6 month check up a few weeks back & is in the 65% for weight and 97% for height. He has been working on sitting up on his own & is getting better at it every day. He rolls himself all around the living room and sometimes does the inchworm crawl to get to a toy.

The other day I put him down under his arch toy, left the room to get a glass of water & when I came back, he had made his way off the mat, had one of Quinn's plastic golf clubs in his hand & was whacking at a giraffe pull toy trying to get it to come to him. This kid is going to keep me on my toes!

We had a great visit with Laurie, Dan & Ella at the beginning of August. (Laurie & I grew up together.)

For part of their visit we rented a house at the ocean & had a nice relaxing time.

The moms managed to escape one morning & went to town for facials & massages. What a treat!

Earlier in July two of William's friends from high school came to visit with their families.

The kids had a great time at our crazy warehouse - they even put on a show for our last night together.

The big boys got the chance to play cars as well!

It has been a wonderful summer... can't quite believe how fast August is flying by already. Quinn is getting ready to start "practice" preschool in a couple of weeks. We'll go every Friday morning to a class through the school district - parents stay & participate the whole time. After seeing how playing with all of the kids this summer has motivated him, I think it will be really great for him.

We'll have to keep working on the using a spoon concept though! Where did these messy boys come from?!?