Thursday, June 5, 2008

Check-ups & more

Both boys had their check-ups at the doctor yesterday - Quinn for his 2 year & Remy for his 4 month. Poor things both had shots. Quinn also had to have blood drawn for his annual thyroid check & x-rays of his neck to check for a condition common with kids who have DS. He was such a brave little guy! Already have the results of his bloodwork & everything looks good. Still waiting to hear about the x-rays, but not too worried about it. At 27" & 16lbs Remy is in the 96th percentile for length & 70th % for weight. Quinn is 34" & 27lbs which is 42nd percentile for height & 43rd for weight. The doc was overall very pleased with both boys.

Quinn's big news this week is that he has added a sign to his repertoire that we did not teach him! He learned how to sign "potty" from the Baby Signing Times video. I thought it was a fluke at first, but he now does it every time I prompt him with the word. We are thinking it might be time to buy a potty seat for him to start getting used to the idea. (Yikes, potty training!?!?) For now, this is his favorite activity in the bathroom - emptying out the bucket of magazines & unrolling all of the toilet paper. Lots of fun!

Remy is pretty much sleeping through the night - usually from about 9 or 10pm to 4 or 5am - we are sooooo happy about this.
(Now if I could just get myself to go to bed earlier!) He is a much more serious baby than Quinn - but when he does smile it simply melts my heart.

Remy had his first visit to "the office" this week - big brother showed him how it all works.

That's about it for now. The boys are both napping (a rare thing to have them asleep at the same time!) and I am going to take advantage of the quiet.


The Suttons East said...

Awesome, Katie!

Keep up the posts. We wish we could visit, but in the meantime, show us more!

Us Suttons!

Bev Sanders said...

Adorable little guys!

Was nice to see you again, William.
It's been to long.

Hi to Katie.